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Duffy King "Solo Guitar Christmas"!

- CD format signed.

"Romantic",  “Relaxing”, “Captivating”, “Unique”, are some of the words that have been used to describe this 17 song collection of Holiday Classics.

Combining the stark simplicity of a single guitar, along with the complexities of jazz harmony and rhythm, Duffy has truly found an original and distinct sound. 

US and Canada options

Duffy King : "Acoustically Speaking" CD + pkg!

- For only $20 + shpng get Signed Physical CD, Signed Cover Art Poster by artist Karen King, Custom Guitar Pick and CD Baby mp3 download card!


$20.00 + $4.00 shp. Get a signed physical CD, signed poster by artist Karen King, plus a custom Duffy King guitar pick w/ "Acoustically Speaking" artwork on one side, also a MP3,320, or FLAC download card!




US or CAN price options

"Acoustically Speaking" CD!

- Signed


Signed Physical CD w/ US Shppng $15.00 (Also incds. MP3,320, or FLAC download card)



US Shipping Incl.

Duffy King "Acoustically Speaking" Download + pkg!

- Download Card + Pkg

$11.00 + $3.00 shp.  Get a download card(MP3,320 and FLAC), Signed cover art poster by artist, Karen King, a signed glossy print of physical album graphics and a Duffy King custom guitar pick w/"Acoustically Speaking" artwork on one side.




"Acoustically Speaking" Download Code. $8.00

- emailed code for CDBaby download.

MP3, 320, FLAC files.

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